Why choose sungrown cannabis?

Long before XYZ company first opened shop in 2017 in beautiful downtown California City, California, they had been working in their local communities to understand what it means to be, well, Californian. According to Joe Hanson, founder of XYZ company, that means spending a good part of the day in the sunshine, tending to their roots, working smart, and having some fun along the way.

That’s why their producers only cultivate sungrown cannabis. XYZ company is committed to sungrown cannabis to ensure their consumers receive a high-quality product that supports the local region.

Utilizing the gorgeous California sunshine to grow their cannabis means they don’t need expensive, artificial lighting that requires a lot of energy. This energy savings not only results in a lower carbon footprint to produce their cannabis but also minimizes overhead and costs associated with needing all that extra equipment. This results in a generous cost savings that they pass on to you through their affordable line of sungrown cannabis!

The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production in Energy Policyestimates the energy consumption for this practice in the United States at 1% of national electricity use, or $6 billion each year. One average kilogram of final product is associated with 4600 kg of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, or that of 3 million average U.S. cars when aggregated across all national production.”

If we break that out to an average ounce of final product, that is associated with 130 kg of carbon dioxide or that of 85,000 average U.S. cars!

XYZ Company believes in the power of nature. Their sungrown cannabis is a celebration of the California region. Raised in California sunshine, grown in California soil, and tended to along the way to produce an environmentally sustainable product that reflects the unique and diverse beauty of the region. Growing outside requires XYZ Company to understand and work with, not against, California’s natural conditions.  

Growing under the sun exposes the cannabis to a broader spectrum of light when compared to grow lights that target a specific wattage. When a cannabis plant is exposed to intense sunlight, it produces increased amounts of cannabinoids as a defense shield. The full spectrum of natural sunlight allows the plant to showcase its complete genetic potential, which often means higher terpene content. This results in a well-rounded, highly developed cannabis flower with the subtle variations that only mother nature can create.

XYZ company farmers span from just outside San Diego, wherein the year-round mild climate some of their finest Indica dominant varieties are grown, to sunny Sacremento, where their Sativa dominant varieties flourish. They work with the land, feeding their soil that ultimately feeds their cannabis flowers. They tend to their plants with organic pesticides, support the local regions by minding their water usage, and always keep the consumer’s experience top of mind to produce the best quality sungrown California cannabis flower available today.

XYZ company believes in sustainable cannabis production because they believe in California. To learn more about the cannabis flower XYZ company offers, please visit www.xyzcompany.com

Sungrown, because that’s the way nature intended.

Mills, E. (2012). The carbon footprint of indoor Cannabis production. Energy Policy46, 58-67.