Who is Cheech Plant?

Cheech Plant is a cannabis advocate and industry professional with over 20 years of hands-on cultivation experience. He began his journey in Humboldt County, California, learning proper techniques and cultivation methods for producing high-quality flower. During that time, Cheech followed his intuition and curiosity within the breeding process to discover a unique new strain known as Hubba Bubba.

Cheech has long been a trusted resource in the community for teaching others the ins and outs of how to grow cannabis while troubleshooting any problems that may arise along the way. His grow approach is logical, thoughtful, and one that can only bloom from years of experience in the field.

In 2019, Cheech decided to collaborate with his friend and business partner, Chong Leaf, to form Cheech’s Plants, an organization dedicated to educating the community on cannabis grow information and provide clones and seeds as a first step in the process. Pairing Cheech’s deep passion for the plant and Chong’s competitive business background, they hope to expand their industry reach and continue to educate and assist the community in all things cannabis cultivation related.

When he isn’t tending to his sticky trichomes and frosty nugs, Cheech enjoys spending time outdoors surfing and hiking the many trails of California with his dalmatian, Sir Spots-A-Lot. He attributes much of his inspiration to Jack Herer and reads the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes annually, learning new things with each pass.