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Larissa Farrell

My name is Larissa Farrell (she/her). I own and operate LCF Writing Services LLC and offer writing, graphic design, and photography services. As a creative professional, I believe in creating a sex-positive culture that welcomes and supports individuals in the GSRD, LGBTQIA+, kink, BDSM, and polyam communities. 

sex-positive culture
and community

As a volunteer Sex Educator with the Center for Positive Sexuality (CPS). I create kinky book reviews, assist with the monthly research and education series, and am currently enrolled in the Center’s Sex Positive Professional Certification Program.

writing services

As a writer, I am afforded immense and incredible opportunities for connection. I believe words can help create an affirming atmosphere and experience. 

It is my goal as a writer to inform and educate. Professionally, I have the privilege to speak with and learn from many different people. I hope to inspire sex-positive conversations that empower people to shed socially-acquired notions of shame, guilt, and judgment.

In tuning into the queerness of our local communities, I celebrate the incredible journeys of unique individuals, businesses, and organizations. I am energized by the passions of their work – what they care about, where they want to go, and how I may collaborate with them in that process.

authentic bios and directory listings

Establishing an environment of belonging in each of our unique workscapes is foundational to client attraction and retention. Through self-disclosure, we bring our whole selves to our work and professional environments. I work with my clients to communicate their energy and vibe.

Are you struggling to find the right words to tell folks who you are and what you do?


design services

  • Have you been meaning to turn that text document into a cohesive PDF?
  • Need help polishing that presentation deck?
  • Looking to create custom graphics and educational diagrams?

photography services

Do you have a delightfully queer event coming up? Are you looking to capture the moments that shine with the love and support that come with embracing a healthy, positive sexuality? 


As a passionate environmentalist, I combine and document my journey through positive sexuality and sustainable living practices in my living portfolio, Learning to Fly with Tangled Wings.

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positive sexuality content
sexual health & wellness content
yoga content
bdsm & kink content
environmentalist content


adobe indesign
adobe illustrator
visual concept communication
layout and organizational flow
brand integration

everyday extraordinary

adobe photoshop
adobe lightroom
black and white photography
travel photography
nature photography

creating inclusive spaces

Are you a yoga instructor looking to create more inclusive spaces for students to practice? Contact me today to discuss these completely customizable yoga class cards!

fee structure

All fees listed here are a guide only & may vary by project scope.

  • Graphic Design Services $40/hour

    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

  • Website Landing Pages Content $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Homepage, About, Company Profile, Products, etc.

  • Blogs: General Audience $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a moderate level of research. Lifestyle, brief stories, etc.

  • Blogs: Advanced Topics $210/1000 words
    ($150/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a high level of research. Regulatory, compliance, etc.