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How can we apply positive sexuality to support cultures or identities we are not familiar with?


Module 2 of the Sex Positive Professional Certification Program discussed how positive sexuality is applicable across all levels of social structure. The module’s pinnacle reflection: How can we apply positive sexuality to support cultures and/or sexual identities we are not familiar with?

To truly be present with this question, we need to become aware of concepts like equity, equality, privilege, and discrimination. The bulk of the material in module two considers these concepts and prompts us to reflect on and examine how their powerful notions form, shape, and influence our social, cultural, financial, and political landscapes and beliefs. 

It is in humble admiration that I venture into perspectives that are unknown to me through my work as a writer, designer, and photographer. I am granted immense opportunity for connection and if only for a moment, I am offered a passing glimpse of the world as viewed through another’s eyes. In these opportunities for collaboration, I aim to foster a community of connection and understanding.

In my own attempt to apply a positive sexuality approach in a perspective outside of my default, I’ve created a new post on my living portfolio site, Learning to Fly with Tangled Wings, that explores the tanglings of perspective in what it means to be human and the energetic interweaving of topping, bottoming, and self-tying in rope roles.