A queer-owned digital content agency. 

No Pixel Pushers

We thoughtfully consider each element of your digital strategy to produce relevant content that drives conversion actions in your target consumer base.

Clean Design

I am fascinated by expression and how we may intentionally layer visual language tools to anticipate needs & conceptualize experiences. 

purposeful photos

The challenge of a photo is to tell a story without using any words. What story will you tell? Our images capture & artfully meld intent & interpretation.


Whether it’s brief stories & lifestyle pieces, or more advanced pieces that require regulatory research, LCF has you covered.

Custom Websites

I use a combination of WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, Canva, & various other tools to create powerful websites.

Landing Pages

I craft engaging website landing pages inspired by measurable key performance indicators. 

We write to

engage & educate

Larissa Farrell
Owner & Digital Content Creator

I assist small businesses by creating educational materials to enhance their current content offerings.

I prioritize time to the extent of simplifying processes and optimizing resource efficiency to create space for organized workflows. My aim to is to reduce stress while maximizing return on time.

I develop and maintain integrated online content strategies that are engaging, relevant, and easily found. I am a forever learner, self-starter and embody the freelance spirit through continual growth and adaptation to new environments. I am incredibly resourceful, hyper-organized, deadline-oriented, and responsive to dynamic situations, contexts, and people.

LinkedIn Learning
2020 - Present

Certificate Courses in Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Design, & Photography

Colorado State Univeristy

Bachelor of Business Administration, minor in English

In the

I volunteer for the Center for Positive Sexuality by creating educational content on kink, BDSM, positive sexuality, & consensual non-monogamy

My Journey through the Center for Positive Sexuality
Sex Positive Professional Certification Program

writing services

As a writer, I am afforded immense and incredible opportunites for connection. 

It is my goal as a writer to inform and educate. Professionally, I have the privilege to speak with and learn from many different people. 

I get to hear their stories and the journeys of their business or organization. Of how they got here, what they care about, and where they want to go.

In sitting down with a client, if only for a moment, or perhaps a blog post, I strive to best represent their vision and impact, 

It is my hope to contribute to a community of connection among the Gender, Sex, and Relational Diversity (GSRD) communities. 


Design Services

Photography Services

Capturing moments in the simplicity of black and white allows me to focus on perspective, angles, contrast, texture, and emphasis. 

My Living Portfolio

Writing Portfolio

queer content
positive sexuality content
mindful sexuality content
mental health awareness content
yoga content
anatomical content
bdsm & kink content
naturalist content
environmentalist content

Design Portfolio

adobe indesign
adobe illustrator
landing page content
educational diagram creation
elementor web creation
layout and organizational flow
brand integration

Photography Portfolio

adobe photoshop
adobe lightroom
black and white photography
positive body image portraits
travel photography
nature photography
micro photography
yoga photography
lighting, angles, and emphasis

fee structure

All fees listed here are a guide only & may vary by project scope.

  • Blogs: General Audience $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a moderate level of research. Lifestyle, brief stories, etc.

  • Blogs: Advanced Topics $210/1000 words
    ($150/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a high level of research. Regulatory, compliance, etc.

  • Website Landing Pages Content $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Homepage, About, Company Profile, Products, etc.

  • Search engine optimization $50/hour

    Analyze the effectiveness of content with regards to ROI & business goals.

  • Web Design & Development $60/hour

    Wordpress, HTML, CSS, etc.

  • Graphic Design $40/hour

    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

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Today’s consumers navigate the world through search. Perhaps now more than ever, having effective an effective content strategy that drives conversion actions in your target consumer base is vital to the digital presence of your small business.