LCF Writing Services is a queer-owned digital content agency. We collaborate with small businesses to enhance their digital presence by creating & managing their integrated online content strategies. We prioritize setting strategic goals, understanding target personas, & developing relevant content. We write with consumer context front of mind to engage & educate the consumer.

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We thoughtfully consider each element of your digital strategy to produce relevant content that drives conversion actions in your target consumer base.

I am fascinated by expression and how we may intentionally layer visual language tools to anticipate needs & conceptualize experiences. 

The challenge of a photo is to tell a story without using any words. What story will you tell? Our images capture & artfully meld intent & interpretation.


Custom Websites

Landing Pages

Whether it’s brief stories & lifestyle pieces, or more advanced pieces that require regulatory research, LCF has you covered.

I use a combination of WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, Canva, & various other tools to create powerful websites.

I craft engaging website landing pages inspired by measurable key performance indicators. 

I create & maintain integrated online content strategies that are engaging, relevant & easily found. I am a forever learner, self-starter & embody the freelance spirit through continual growth & adaptation to new environments. I am incredibly resourceful, hyper-organized, deadline-oriented, & responsive to dynamic situations, contexts, & people.
Lc Farrell

professional development

Manger & Yoga Teacher
2022 - Present

I am the Manager at Serasana Dripping Springs where I assist clients with orienting towards wellness by educating them on the benefits & uses of yoga, acupuncture, massage, & energetic healing services. I also teach Hatha, Power, Slow Flow, & Yin yoga classes.

Content Strategy
Web Design
Graphic Design
Technical Writing
Brand integration

Center for Positive Sexuality
2022 - Present

Sex Positive Professional Certification

LinkedIn Learning
2020 - Present

Certificate Courses in Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Design, & Photography

Trichome Institute

Professional Interpening & Cannabis Consultant Trainings


Writing for the Legal Cannabis Industry Course

Colorado State Univeristy

Bachelor of Business Administration, minor in English

volunteer experience

I am the Education Coordinator for the Center for Positive Sexuality, a non-profit that “addresses social issues through sex positive research & education.”

my portfolio

Book Review
"Sex When You Don't Feel Like It"
"Sex When You Don't Feel Like It encourages the reader to embody their physical sensuality & approach with playful curiosity to prioritize & support healthy sexual expression in our lives...Instead of framing our sexual framework within the context of function vs. dysfunction, we are encouraged to explore pleasure in its many facets on our journey to more meaningful, fulfilling lives, in & out of the the sheets."
"Sex When You Don't Feel Like It" by Cyndi Darnell
Reviewed by Larissa Farrell
Book Review "Women and Kink:
Relationships, Reasons, and Stories"
"Women and Kink: Relationships, Reasons, and Stories, a female-forward book by Jennifer Rehor & Julia Schiffman, engages the powerful voices of individuals in kink to expose a glowing biodiversity of thriving kinksters. Revealing the hows and whys of those in Kink, the book takes a humanizing approach to demystify and unmute those who refuse to accept anything less than full love for themselves and others on our journeys to radical authenticity. "
"Women and Kink: Relationships, Reasons, and Stories" by Jennifer Rehor & Julia Schiffman
Reviewed by Larissa Farrell
Blog Post
Sungrown Cannabis
A short, 500-word, example blog post educating consumers on the benefits of sungrown cannabis. Targeted keywords include "sungrown cannabis" & "sungrown cannabis California"
Why Choose
Sungrown Cannabis?
Cheech Plant
An example biography introducing fictional character Cheech Plant & his history educating the community on cannabis growing information & his future plans to provide clones & seeds as a first step in that process.
Who is Cheech Plant?

We believe that sustainable living involves striving towards a balanced equilibrium, a harmonic homeostasis, in all things. As a part of nature, we take a wellness-oriented approach to discuss the health of ourselves & our environment by integrating the practices of rope & yoga to achieve wellbeing of body, mind, & soul. 

In this demo e-commerce site, we take a yogic approach to environmental conservation as we aim to educate & raise awareness about the importance & urgency of environmental recovery. We strive to add value to those already working towards harmonic homeostasis & mobilize support for future restoration & conservation efforts.

Join us as we explore  non-intoxicating cannabinoids for their multitude of potential medicinal & therapeutic properties, uses, applications, & pleasures. ​Na’Maste Indica Garden cultivates kindness, compassion, acceptance, & joy through cannabis-enhanced yoga.

Fee structure

All fees listed here are a guide only & may vary by project scope.

  • Blogs: General Audience $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a moderate level of research. Lifestyle, brief stories, etc.

  • Blogs: Advanced Topics $210/1000 words
    ($150/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a high level of research. Regulatory, compliance, etc.

  • Website Landing Pages Content $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Homepage, About, Company Profile, Products, etc.

  • Web Design & Development $60/hour

    Wordpress, HTML, CSS, etc.

  • Graphic Design $40/hour

    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

Photography Services

All fees are a guide only and may vary by project scope.


package one

One Hour Session
One Location
20 Edited Images
Online Gallery
Print Release


package two

Two Hour Session
Two Locations
50 Edited Images
Online Gallery
Print Release


package three

Six Hour Coverage
Pre-Shoot Planning Session
250 Edited Images
Online Gallery
Print Release

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Today’s consumers navigate the world through search. Perhaps now more than ever, having effective an effective content strategy that drives conversion actions in your target consumer base is vital to the digital presence of your small business.