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Larissa Farrell

Are you a licensed psychologist, clinical sexologist, or certified sex therapist looking to improve the content of your website, APA training materials, or supplemental materials and resources for your practice?

I offer high-quality writing, graphic design, and photography services to enhance your practice’s presence and growth. I have experience creating both client-facing and professional-facing content and approach complex, sometimes delicate, subject matter with sincerity, respect, and professionalism. 

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Words may help create and support an authentic, affirming atmosphere and experience. If you are looking to update your bio, directory listing, or content on your website, we can work together to communicate your unique message.

culture and community

I volunteer with the Center for Positive Sexuality along with a sexy team of superheroes fighting the good fight for human rights and social justice. Here are a few of my writing portfolio positive sexuality book reviews that have been guest-featured in the CPS blog:

Sex When You Don't Feel Like It
Sex When You Don't Feel Like It, by Cyndi Darnell, encourages the reader to embody their physical sensuality & approach with playful curiosity to prioritize & support healthy sexual expression in our lives
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50 Years of Polyamory in America: A Guided Tour of a Growing Movement
Fifty Years of Polyamory in America: A Guided Tour of A Growing Movement, written by Glen W. Olson and Terry Lee Brussel-Rogers, is a beautiful homage to many of the early explorers of committed multiple relationships, also known as polyamory, and the many different expressions of this lifestyle choice
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Kinky in the Digital Age
Kinky in the Digital Age: Gay Men’s Subcultures and Social Identities, an insightful book by Liam Wignall, explores digital media and social networking technology as a tool to better develop social and sexual connections rooted in authentic expression with a special emphasis on pup play
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Have you been meaning to turn that text document into a cohesive PDF? Would you like help polishing those training materials? Are you looking to create custom graphics, diagrams, and fillable forms? 

I create visual concepts to communicate complex, often layered ideas in an organized and approachable format. I work with you to implement a consistent look and feel throughout your content.

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