No Pixel Pushers

We thoughtfully consider each element of your digital strategy to create designs and content that is engaging and relevant.

Clean Design

We layer visual language tools to conceptualize experiences and communicate complex information in a simple format. 

purposeful photos

The challenge of a photo is to tell a story without using any words. What story will you tell? Our images artfully meld intent & interpretation.

reflective Blogs

I approach delicate topics and material with respect as I honor and document each unique journey and experience.


A bio can make a big impact. Communicating your presence, experience, and vibe is crucial to client attraction.

Landing Pages

We strive to create website and webpage content that communicates your brand and vision.

engage & educate

Larissa Farrell
Owner & Digital Content Creator

I create sex-positive content for the kink, BDSM, LGBTQIA+, GSRD, and Ethical Non-Monogamy communities. I collaborate with licensed psychologists, clinical sexologists, and certified sex therapists to understand their goals and how I may assist them through various writing, graphic design, and photography services.

Are you looking for someone to help you polish that presentation deck? Do you have a text document that you’ve been meaning to build into a polished PDF with images, graphics, and educational diagrams? Is your team of therapists looking to polish their online biographies to appeal to potential clients on your website?

I prioritize time to simplify processes and create space for organized workflows. My aim to is to reduce stress while maximizing return on time.

writing services

As a writer, I am afforded immense and incredible opportunites for connection. 

It is my goal as a writer to inform and educate. Professionally, I have the privilege to speak with and learn from many different people. 

I get to hear their stories and the journeys of their business or organization. Of how they got here, what they care about, and where they want to go.

In sitting down with a client, if only for a moment, or perhaps a blog post, I strive to best represent their vision and impact, 

It is my hope to contribute to a community of connection and create a more informed landscape of quality sex education,


design services

photography services

passion project

Learning to Fly with Tangled Wings explores ecosexuality and rope work as mental health work integrating the practices of yoga and bondage in pursuit of a sustainable body, mind, soul, and spirit. 

living small

positive sexuality content
mindful sexuality content
mental health awareness content
yoga content
bdsm & kink content
environmentalist content


adobe indesign
adobe illustrator
visual concept communication
educational diagram creation
layout and organizational flow
brand integration

everyday extraordinary

adobe photoshop
adobe lightroom
black and white photography
travel photography
nature photography
lighting, angles, and emphasis

fee structure

All fees listed here are a guide only & may vary by project scope.

  • Blogs: General Audience $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a moderate level of research. Lifestyle, brief stories, etc.

  • Blogs: Advanced Topics $210/1000 words
    ($150/500 words)

    Pieces requiring a high level of research. Regulatory, compliance, etc.

  • Website Landing Pages Content $150/1000 words
    ($110/500 words)

    Homepage, About, Company Profile, Products, etc.

  • Search engine optimization $50/hour

    Analyze the effectiveness of content with regards to ROI & business goals.

  • Web Design & Development $60/hour

    Wordpress, HTML, CSS, etc.

  • Graphic Design $40/hour

    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator